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St Mary's Catholic Church, Madeley.

Our children enjoy a close relationship with our church. They look forward to services in school led by our Priest, Father Michael and they also attend Church both to celebrate special times of the year and on Saturdays or Sundays.

Catholics have had a presence in Madeley since at least 1676, when there were 51 adult 'papists' recorded as living here.

Today’s presbytery was built in 1769, on a plot of land gifted in 1761 by the Giffards, a recusant family. A Mass House, which we know today as the Upper Room and Lower Room, was incorporated in the rear of the building.

The presbytery is a Grade II listed building.

The church was opened in 1853, and is unfinished; you can spot the clues internally and externally if you take a wander around the building. As a result, it had to undergo major renovation work some years ago, to counter the effects of 150 years of Madeley weather!

In recent years, volunteers installed a magnificent organ at the back of the church, and the church itself has been completely refurbished inside.

You can find out more about the buildings, their history and their 'listed' status here.

The Lower Room has also been refurbished and is once again being used as a chapel where Mass and Services of Word and Holy Communion are celebrated each weekday.

The Lower Room incorporates the tabernacle and chairs from All Saints, Stirchley and the altar and crucifix from St. Winefride's, Broseley, thus retaining links and reminders from those churches previously served by the parish.

St. Mary's is now incorporated in the Parish of The Good Shepherd.