Our Mission Statement and Vision

Our Shared Vision for St Mary’s Catholic Primary School 2022

St Mary’s Catholic Primary School is a vibrant, nurturing place that provides an emotionally safe and welcoming environment in which to learn and thrive. Jesus told us to ‘Love one another as I have loved you’, and this reminds us all to do every day to do our very best. Our children are secure in the knowledge that each of them has been created by God the Father in His own image; they are loved for who they are and for what they bring to our school community. We are a united school family inspired by the Gospel values of and the principles of the Catholic Church.


Our pupils know that our school welcomes their whole family and works with them as a team, with the education, welfare and safety of each child being our focus and priority. Together with our Parish, we all work exceptionally hard to get to know each child well and to meet their needs. We are all dedicated to our children becoming responsible and hardworking, well-skilled members of the future workforce and caring, thoughtful adults in the community in which they choose to live.  


We aim to be outstanding by:

  1.       Modelling and teaching the many values of Gospel; good behaviour, respect, good manners, inclusion and honesty
  2.       Providing genuine care and respect for ourselves and each other rooted in strong Christian values
  3.       Offering a daily high quality teaching offer that is informed by the systematic use of high impact assessment for learning approaches that secure good progress in learning for all
  4.       Having high expectations for ourselves and each other
  5.       Clear understanding by everyone of their roles and responsibilities and absolute commitment to carrying them out
  6.       Delivering a creative, broad and relevant curriculum that motivates and engages pupils and teaching staff

Development and improvement is continuous and constantly strived for with all staff, governors and parents displaying high expectations and aspirations for all of our children.


By publicizing our ambitions for the school and also our achievements, we hope to share our expectations and give everyone a clear picture of the work we are doing to make St Mary’s Catholic Primary School an outstanding place of learning. All children deserve nothing less than a good education and we must aim to provide them with the best by making ‘Every Lesson Count’.