How to apply for a school place at St Mary’s Catholic Primary School


Email admissions: School admissions - Telford & Wrekin Council


All applications to join our school are handled by the Telford and Wrekin Admissions Team at Darby House. If your child is due to start school, you have moved into the area or want an in-year transfer from another school you have to apply on line at Our admissions criteria is published on our website and is contained within our Admissions Policy.

You are always welcome to visit our school before making a final decision and this can be arranged by making an appointment with our Business Manager, Nicola Pryce, on 01952 388255.

Before choosing any school, it's wise to visit it and others in the surrounding area to make an informed choice. The head teacher will arrange a mutually convenient time for you to be shown round.

Schools will also have a prospectus and often a website which contain a wealth of useful information.


Things to think about:

•Location: How far is the school from your home, and what's the availability of transport. Remember that distance can be a factor if your child is likely to want to do extra-curricular, after school activities.

•Siblings: It may be important to you or the children that all brothers/sisters attend the same school so ensure the school has the capacity to take all of your children if moving

•Welcome: Is the school a happy and welcoming establishment? If so, the relationship between home and school may also be a positive one.

•Physical environment: What state are the school buildings in, and the efforts made to make the environment attractive?

•Reputation: If a school enjoys a good reputation, what are the objective indicators? Rumours about a school being good or bad should be treated with caution

•External exam results are readily available on request. They are useful but by no means the only indicators.

•Extra-curricular activities: What's on offer?

•Breakfast club: Will this enable your family to have a calmer, more ordered start to their day?

•Leadership: Does the school enjoy strong leadership? Do you feel that leaders are approachable and personable? Would feel happy to talk to them about your child's needs, learning etc?

•Class size: Do you feel your child will get the attention they need?

•Subjects: Every school will provide common grounding in key subjects set by the National Curriculum.

•Disciplinary/ reward ethos: The way children are treated is crucial. Is the school a civilised place where discipline is firm but fair? What is the school's behaviour and discipline policy, including sanctions?

•Pastoral care: Every pupil should have one or more particular teacher who knows them well, can indicate strengths and weaknesses and encourage the youngster to give of their best. What system for this pastoral care does the school have?

•Standards and expectations: How does the school discover the particular talents of a child and encourage them to aim for the best and capitalise on their strengths?

•Academic aims: Does your child need a challenging and competitive academic environment - and if so, will this school provide it?